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The new Inspect Code feature is great but I am having a problem with the actual Inspection Results window.  I will inspect a whole project and open the results window to one of the results that is found.  I double click on the result item and it takes me to the code in whatever class with the issue.

Once I fix that problem, no matter what I do in the Inspection Results window after, it will never code to any other code file again.  No matter how many different results I double click on it will not go to another code class.

I have to do a full refresh on the Inspect Code before the results window will work again properly but only for one time.

Has anyone else seen this problem?  I am using the absolute latest beta from Feb 11.

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I have this same problem.  Refreshing the inspection results takes a long time,
which makes it difficult to fix the issues it is complaining about.

This is ReSharper 5.1 (5.1.3000.12) on VS 2010 (10.0.40219.1)

NOTE:  Installed ReSharper 6 and this appears to be working now.


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