R# 6.1 SDK - Samples Request - Javascript SDK Usage

Hi All,

Great work on getting the EAP and SDK out. I'm currently digging through the JavaScript assemblies (using dotPeek) and I must say its a pretty dawnting task. I would love to see the addition of some JS plugin samples to the SDK.

Some items I would love to see addressed would be:

- File / Project structure:
     Many frameworks out there have specific ways of simulating a type system (Ext.js, Google Closure, YUI, etc).  It would be great to be able to see how we can tell R# what 'classes' a file contains, what methods it contains (including inherited methods) etc.  This would remove the annoying 'Use of implicitally declared variable 'xxx'.' messages.  

Most of these systems also support working multiple JS files.  They use things like jbs3 files or deps.js files.  It would also be great to see how I can get that kind of information into R#.

- Using this information to add JS refactorings and error checkings.

- Adding other JS test frameworks, hopefully leveraging the UI you guys built for the QUnit runner.

Anyways, congrats again on the release.  I'll continue digging through this stuff, its really impressive.

Another point, why not release the code to the SDK? It would make it much easier to navigate rather than using a decompiler.



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