[11493] VB intellisense issue

in Visual Studio 2008 i declare a variable

     private mPraemissen as AW70C40_StorageOptPraemissen

when  i assign a new instance to the variable intellisense behaves different  regarding to the speed i type. If i type fast i get the following result

Image:2011-11-09 10h22_51.png

here i expect that the type of my variable is preselected. When i type a bit slower i get a different result:

Image:2011-11-09 10h37_38.png

after  completing the input with tab or space i get no more intellisense. When  i press Ctrl-Space at this point to open intellisense manually i get  following result:

Image:2011-11-09 10h39_48.png
What  i would expect in this situation is the samer behavior as in C#. Here  only the type of the variable for which i create an instance is  displayed.

Image:2011-11-09 10h45_41.png

I  tried to disable the "Include keywords in completion list" option, but  no matter if the checkbox is checked or not R# always suggests keywords.  By the way, it's a pain to change R# options at the moment because  every second or third time i try to open the option dialog my Visual  Studio instance crashes.


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@Jetbrains: Please remove this thread. It's duplicated because of an error i got when i posted it.


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