Static Resource not Resolved

Hello community!

I have upgraded to the latest EAP version of R# because I have been getting some "warnings" and wanted to check if they are already resolved, but they aren't. Or maybe I am doing something wrong...

Let's explain it: in one of my projects, I am trying ReuXables free themes for WPF: So, I added the reference to ReuxablesLegacy DLL to my project and started using the visual themes. For example:

<!-- code, code, code  -->

<Button Content="Button" Height="23" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="0,0,0,0" Name="button1"                 VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="75" Style="{StaticResource NuclearGreenButton}" />

<!-- code, code, code  -->

The fact is that "NuclearGreenButton" is underlined with a warning which says "Static Resource not Resolved". However, the code works perfectly and the visual theme is applied during design time and during execution time. This code must be added to App.xaml file:

        <ResourceDictionary>             <ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries>                 <ResourceDictionary Source="/ReuxablesLegacy;component/mercury.xaml" />             </ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries>         </ResourceDictionary>

There is another issue to check: when I right-click the References folder on my project and click "Remove unused references" the ReuXables DLL is removed...

Is there any option which I have to activate? Am I doing something wrong?

I have done a sample project for you to simplify the problem understanding, please check attached rar file. It is a C# WPF application on VS2010.

EDIT: I am using EAP

Many thanks for your attention and your great product!!!!!!


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