[Build 22]OutOfMemoryException while debugging

i started the application i'm currently working on in Debug mode without having any breakpoints set (i just wanted to inspect some data). After working a few minutes with the application i switched to the source code and tried to scroll inside the code. VS was completely unresponsive and after half a minute or so i switched between te open windows with Alt-Tab. I could see the R# error reporting window for a short time but as VS was unresponsive and the error reporting window was frozen in an intermediate state i couldn't use it. Few seconds later the was a popup from VS that it has detected an error which might come from an external tool. Another few seconds later i see a message box from R# with a stack trace. I've made a screenshot, but the stacktrace is not complete (it was too long). Nevertheless i've attached it.

The application uses a huge amount of unmanaged memory because data access is done via a C++ library which acts like a ADO.NET dataset (i loads parts of the database into memory), but until this afternoon i didn't had any problems with debugging.


2011-12-05 14h31_12.png

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