"Fonts and Colors" settings manual update

I think this is a Visual Studio issue. It's the IDE showing some incorrect colors in the text editor. It's often that I have to manually go to Option -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors, open it, do nothing then close it, just so that the settings get fully loaded and updates take effect in Visual Studio. I am not sure if this issue is caused by the added Resharper settings that are added to that location. I quickly know when this issue ocurs when my Line Highlight color is using the wrong color and then I have to go through that manual process. This issue happens when I start Visual Studio. I remember this issue occuring from at least VS 2008 and it's still happeing in VS2010 SP1. (Seems like a bug Microsoft is not aware of or not important enough to fix)

I was wondering if Resharper can do what I am doing programmatically during its startup?

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     We've also seen this behavior, but at the moment we don't know if we can fix it on our side. This behavior can be caused by other extensions (such as Productivity Power Tools) as well. Thank you!

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i had this problem each time i installed a new EAP build. With the first 6.1 EAP builds my color settings where preserved at least in VS 2010. In the last few EAP builds my settings where lost again. The other addins i've installed  didn't change, but there where updates for Produictivity Power Tools and Sql Server Toolbox. As long as i used the same EAP (or release) build my color settings are preserved.


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You can export and import VS settings and they should include Resharper's Fonts & Colors settings.


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