R# crashes Visual Studio when debugging with edit and continue

I'm working with the latest EAP build (42) on a VB solution with Visual Studio 2010. Yesterday i had to debug a quite largely Windows Form class (around 7.000 lines of code) with "edit and continue" enabled. While changing the code in debug mode VS reacts more and more slowly until a low virtual memory warning was displayed. At this time VS was unusable. I took a coffe break (around 5 minutes) and when i came back VS was still working. So i killed the devenv.exe process. I never had this problem in the 6.1 release and in the older 6.1.1 eap builds (the last one i installed on this machine was 38). I tried to reproduce the behavior this morning, but it seems that i have to work for a couple of hours before the error occurs.


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