PdbNavigator for pdb's pointing to source control

I am very exciting about ReSharper 5's ability to navigate pdb sources via
a control-click.  It works great for local pdb's, but I was recently trying
it out with .pdb's that are indexed to point to TFS source control, and it
didn't work.  When I try that, I get the following error:

Running command 'tf.exe' args 'view /version:85051 /noprompt "$/Bullseye/OnGoing/Main/BullseyeWebservice/Webservice/Instrumentation/Impl/DefaultInstrumentationBus.cs"
/server:VSTFSSERVER /console' to get 'C:\Users\aalm\AppData\Local\Symbols\src\VSTFSSERVER\Bullseye\OnGoing\Main\BullseyeWebservice\Webservice\Instrumentation\Impl\DefaultInstrumentationBus.cs\DefaultInstrumentationBus;C85051.cs'
(redirect output: True)
PdbNavigator: Non-zero exit code 100 from command 'tf.exe' args 'view /version:85051
/noprompt "$/Bullseye/OnGoing/Main/BullseyeWebservice/Webservice/Instrumentation/Impl/DefaultInstrumentationBus.cs"
/server:VSTFSSERVER /console'. Error stream 'TF30076: The server name VSTFSSERVER
provided does not correspond to a server URI that can be found. Confirm that
the server name is correct.

Note that the Visual Studio debugger is able to step into the indexed .pdb
just fine (it downloads the source from TFS), but ReSharper throws the above
error.  Apparently when a .pdb is indexed for TFS, it leaves the TFS server
as a variable, which ReSharper is not able to resolve.  Is there any chance
this could be fixed?  I work at a larger company where we import some dll's
from other source control trees, and having the ability to just ctrl-click
into the source code of those other trees would be very very cool.

Thanks in advance.


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I have a similar issue, except using Subversion-indexed PDBs.  And ReSharper doesn't even get the command right.  As with you, Visual Studio can correctly navigate to the source code while debugging.  My error text:

PdbNavigator: Searching for 'MyClass' type sources in C:\src\Project1\bin\Debug\Project1.pdb

PdbNavigator: Running command '(SUBVERSION__CMD)' args '' to get 'c:\src\cache\SymbolCache\src\(SUBVERSION__TRG)' (redirect output: False)

PdbNavigator: Unable to run command '(SUBVERSION__CMD)' args '': System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The system cannot find the file specified

at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)

at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()

at JetBrains.Symbols.Utils.ProcessRunner.Run()

at JetBrains.Symbols.SourcesDownloaderImpl.Download(SourceLocation sourceLocation, FileSystemPath cacheDirectory, IProgressIndicator progressIndicator) (Win32Exception)

PdbNavigator: No sources found in debugging information for 'Project1.MyClass' in assembly 'Project1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'


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