Two Jasmine test concerns

I've managed to get all of my Jasmine unit tests running in R# (which was not an easy process). I've got two feature requests (or errors on my part, which could use help fixing!) which will make this a little easier for me to sell to my team:

Allow debugging. I noticed some screenshots of QUnit tests which have the debug menu item available. But on my system, the debug menu item and little bug icon are displayed and disabled in all of my Jasmine tests. Lack of debug support made getting these tests to run veeeery difficult.

Allow R# to load all JS files from a directory structure. Or something. Forcing my team to use the /// <reference tag is a real show-stopper. No one is going to remember this, because R# is the only process that requires it. Our CI tests load every file and run from there! The end result is that when someone runs a test, they see 7 other failures because someone forgot to update their references, and there was no consequences for it.

Thanks for reading!

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