Suggestion: Separate Color for .NET Custom Attributes

I love the fact that Resharper allows us to define separate colors for a lot of different entity types, i.e. Interfaces, Enumerations, Delegates, etc.  These different colors really enhance the reading of code, particularly when the code is either completely new or you have not looked at it in a while (for me that tends to be more than an hour!).

In our environment, we use custom attributes (i.e. classes that derive from System.Attribute) for a great number of cross-cutting concerns (not quite AOP, but getting close). There are times, particularly once the Xml Documention is in place, that the attributes get "lost" in the code files.  I know that declarative programming in general is also back in vogue right now (think Razor models, DynamicData, WCF, Web Services. etc.) which also adds to the number of "custom" attributes that are in use in real-world, day to day, programming, let alone when you start playing with some of the different technologies that are out there now, such as PostSharp.

So, I would like to suggest a simple addition to the (growing) list of Resharper colored entities:  .NET Attributes.  I mean come on, we already can get a different color for HTML, XML, and XAML attributes; so why not .NET Attributes?  It would help making the usage of the attributes "pop out" when reading the code - even letting dummies like me to see that they are there (or maybe that they should be there and are missing!).

What do you all think?

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