ReSharper 8 Beta Shows Warnings as Errors

I just installed ReSharper 8 beta on Visual Studio 2012 and when I open a solution, ReSharper is showing  6,923 errors in 595 files in solution-wide analysis even though the solution builds correctly. When I went to investigate these errors, I discovered that all of them are actually warnings but are showing as errors for some reason. It's almost as if some setting is set to show warnings as errors somewhere, and I wonder if I'm overlooking a setting that may have changed after installing the beta or whether this might be an outstanding issue with ReSharper 8 beta.


As a follow up, I restarted Visual Studio 2012 again and all the warnings finally stopped showing as errors. I'm guessing something didn't initialize correctly after starting Visual Studio the first time after installation.


I got lof of errors and broken IntelliSense too when editing Windows 8.1 project in VS2013 - using the latest EAP. I've submitted like hundred of them, hope they will be fixed soon :)



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