"Files still read-only" issue in R# EAP

Hi, in the latest EAP of R# 8 I'm experiencing an issue when I want to do some refactorings like "Copy type" or just Ctrl+D, R# tells me "Files still read-only" using a MessageBox or it shows nothing and no refactoring is done. The problem is this message is shown only for the first time, if I execute the exact same operation right after this dialog, it works as expected.
It looks to me like some kind of race condition when checking if the file is editable, when first refactoring is to be made.
I should also note this was not happening to me in the very same project, VS 2012 settings when using latest R# 7
My environment: Win 8.1 Preview, VS2012 Update 3, Solution with WP8 and Win8 projects.

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Hello Martin,

Have you noticed a consistent repro case for this one? A sample solution with some repro steps is much appreiated.

Thank you in advance.


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