Symbol Code Completion & bookmarks are broken in

The Symbol Code Completion & bookmarks features are pretty broken as of today's release I am seeing the EAP's getting 5 stars and I am concerned that suddenly within few days, R# 8  is released with these features still broken. I hope I am not the only one noticing these broken features. I use these feature heavily and they are causing me so much friction while coding, I had to go back to version 7 so I can finish work. I opened a ticket for the bookmarks issue last week and I have been submitting some exceptions when I get them.

I really want #8 to be solid and I would rather it takes its time to finish than finishing too soon with broken features. Yes I want to code with pleasure.. not with displeasure!

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.. and R# 8 was released and it has big problems just like I expected. I opened a ticket about false positive "ambiguous reference" errors which in 8 don't go away like they used to in v7. It's such an annoying issue I am back to v7. I noticed also sometimes I can't set a bookmark. Performance is still an issue. I am not happy with this version. I will spend time creating a sample project for the ambiguous reference issue for Jetbrains to look at. Otherwise there will be no serious effort to resolve this. This is an issue from previous versions.


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