Intellisense summary not displaying for all members ReSharper

I have a problem with Intellisense in ReSharper on VS 2012 Update 3.

Though it displays the summary window for most methods/properties etc, some of them just show nothing at all.

Here's a few examples that do not show summary window:

form events (any of them)

I've only tried this with a form object but I'm sure there will be others.

What I have tried:
Enabled 'Show summary' and also tried enabling 'Show member signatures'.

Disabling ReSharper reverts back to VS's Intellisense which works fine on all of the above.

Am I forgetting an option of some kind?

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In a very random turn of events, and after trying to get the summary to show over 15 times, I decided to try the same on a different form and I can now see the summary for everything but the text property, even on the form that was previously not working.

Restarting VS makes no difference.


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