Issues with the EAP2 installer

I have VS 2010 Shell and the full VS 2013. The installer acts weird when certain selections are made:

1- Unselect VS 2010, Select VS 2013 and select both dotPeek & R#. Nothing gets installed. After a second I get the "Install Complete" screen.. which didn't make sense.
2- Unselect VS 2010, Select VS 2013 and select dotPeek only. It gets installed.
3- After finishing step 2, I decide to install R#. dotPeek is already installed from step 2. The installer installs dotPeek again! R# doesn't get installed.

I found out I had to select VS 2010 as well and was able to install both. BTW, I don't think it makes sense to install R# on a shell VS. Shouldn't the installer determine if it's a full VS or the shell version. I don't know why VS 2010 is on my system. I am assuming it's installed because of SSMS?

Anyway, if I hadn't chosen VS 2010 and I chose it because it was a crap shot, I wouldn't have been able to install R#. Installing R# in VS 2010 shell hopefully has no negative effects,

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you should add an issue in YouTrack. It seems that this forum currently is not watched by the development team.Or did you see any reply from the JetBrains Team here since R#9 EAP is out?



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