Question to Live Template in ReSharper 9

I'm trying R#9 EAP now. I have defined a test class live template.
First parameter

is a type reference, which works well.
But there is a problem with second parameter
. If i do replacement at place #1 in xml doc comment, and member method has some parameter(s), then into test method name includes some garbage. The ACT statement is pretty optional, but I would have the class and method name correctly filled. I think R#8 was not too smart here and added just a member name here. How to accomplish this now? Which parameter macro is suitable for that?
///<summary>Tests for <see cref="$Some$"/></summary>
public class $Some$Test
    ///<summary>Test for <see cref="$Some$.$Member$"/></summary>
    public void $Member$Test()
        // ARRANGE
        // ACT
        new $Some$().$Member$
        // ASSERT

My question on stackoverflow:

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