Installed EAP 9 but it's not to be found anywhere

I installed the current EAP 9 in VS 2013 (Windows 8.1) which has R#8. Restarted VS and R# is not running. It's not even showing under "Programs and Features" which means I can't uninstall from there. The Remove button is disabled in the installer. When I try to reinstall, it's completed in a second because it seems it found out it's already installed. Nothing is working right so I went back to R#8.

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I rebooted, reinstalled and it's working now.

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We found out that some of the exceptions are silently ignored during the
installation process. Looks like this case, smth failed but didn't show up
in the final message. We will address exception handling soon.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”


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