Resharper 9.1 EAP - VS2015 - Live Templates not working

In VS2015 CTP 5 with R# 9.1 EAP installed - Live Templates do not work.  Attempting to view my templates (I have over 600), the Template Explorer does not display, just a white screen (I run in a dark theme).  In testing following that, I also found that the Extension Manager does not display anything.

I have restarted VS2015, checked in same installation in VS2013 (works fine), rebooted.

If it matters, was in a C# class library solution, .NET 4.6.


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Hello David,

  Could you please run Visual Studio 2015 with the following command line: 'devenv /ReSharper.LogFile C:\log\resharper_log.txt /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose'. After that reproduce the issue and upload a corresponding 'resharper_log.txt' file to



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