Hi, I have two main problems using Resharper 2 and vs2005 beta

1. Many time both the VS autocomplete popup and Resharper autocomplete popup are being showed at the
some time, is there a way avoid this behaviour ?

2. I saw you refered to warm start and cold start, for some reason, each time I open a solution, Resharper is analyzing everything including System dlls, this really slows the loading . Any suggestions?

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Hi, please see the answers below:

1) You can avoid the problem with two popups by explicity disabling one of them. In the nearest future ReSharper will disable VS completion automatically if its own completion is enabled. To disable VS completion, use Tools|Options|Text Editor|C# page and 'Auto-list members' option there. ReSharper's popup is controlled via the
ReSharper|Options|Code Completion window.

2) ReSharper should analyse system assemblies only once,
then it loads their content from caches. ReSharper's system caches are located in the Documents and Settigs/]]>/ApplicationData/JetBrains/ReSharper folder, please check if they are really there. Also, how long does it take for your to create a new Console Application solution?

Thanks for your feedback.


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