Brace Outline does not appear

Hi i have this problem:

i use 2 computers with VS2003 + resharper both

when i installed RS#1.5 on my computers, one of my computer showed "Brace Outline" correctly but other could not . My other 2nd computer only colored "Matched Brace", and i wanted not to color "Matched Brace" instead, i wanted to see Brace Outline. I tried lots of things to show Brace Outline on my 2nd computer but could not succeeded.

Then i installed RS# 2.0 on my computers again. This time 1st computer (which was showing Brace Outline) started not to show Brace Outline,instead it colors Matched Brace. And my 2nd compter (which could not show Brace Outline) started to show Brace Outline.

i am out of my mind. Is there a setting for this ?

Thanks in advance

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Sorry everyone,

i tried this and porblem solved:
resharper>options>editor-->highlight matching brackets->highlighting kind was "outline bracket" , i tried to make it first ,"match brackets with color" then again outline brackets and problem solved...

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make your highlighting type ->mark bracket with color and take back to outline brackets again


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