Inline Variable and ReSharper Processes

I just tried to inline a variable and ReSharper incorrectly claims the variable does not have an initlializer. In one class I have a variable that is a generic List:

public class X
public List Y; } In the other class I have a loop like this: for(int i = 0; i < X.Y.Count; i++) { List]]> temp = X.Y+;

When I try to inline the temp variable, ReSharper claims "Variable temp does not have an initializer" and a ReSharper icon shows up in the AltTab list instead of the Visual Studio 2005 icon. Even stranger, a new instance of this dead ReSharper icon shows in the AltTab list each time I try to inline the variable. I currently have three ReSharper icons in the Alt+Tab list and the only way I can get back to Visual Studio is to minimize windows until the Visual Studio window comes to the foreground. Clicking on Visual Studio in the task bar has no effect at all after I try to inline the variable.

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