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I have downloaded and installed the trail version of Resharper 2.0 #256 ( In my web app, I am using the Membership API that is available in .NET 2.0.

I have created configured the profile in the web.config file and the normal intellisense of Visual Studio 2005 pickes up the profile properties. However, Resharper does not. Also, I cannot find any functions under the 'Profile' keyword, which works fine with normal Visual Studio intellisense.

Can you tell me how to resolve this issue? This is the only issue that is keeping me from purchasing ReSharper.

Thank you.

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i'm having a similar problem:

putting a usercontrol on a page or another usercontrol with build 256 now doesn't generate the "import" message and the apsx or ascx files get marked as correct (green light).

unfortunately the code behind classes still generate "cannot resolve symbol" errors when using the declarations of these user controls (though studio intellisense works fine and everything builds fine as well). this still generates lots of errors...

@magnus: although i appreciate some features of resharper i'm deeply disappointed about the amount of problems we have been experiencing with the vs2005 version of resharper. it's a "save one problem, then get on to the next one" situation that does not allow me to recommend anyone to buy this product...

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Thanks for that info. Have you used any other products similar to Resharper and recommend any?

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no, i haven't. resharper was recommended to me by someone knowing it from vs2003. it really has some nice features, but in vs2005 it is so slow and so buggy that its almost impossible to work with.

actually i'm still hoping that one day ms will create a dev environment where you don't need additional tools for efficient development... ;)

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The profile issues are fixed in the 2.0.1 bugfix update. You can download it
from the

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
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