Wrong "Ambiguous References" warnings since EAP Build 254

I get false positives on the Ambiguous References warning in ReSharper >=
EAP Build 254 (See attachment BaseDal.png). I have only one BaseDal and by
the way when I disable the ReSharper add-in there Visual Studio does not
complain. I have tried this in several versions of ReSharper to see in what
EAP build this was introduced and it was introduced in ReSharper EAP Build
254. When I install any other ReSharper EAP Build from 248 to 253 there is
no problem but when I but from ReSharper EAP Build 254 up to ReSharper EAP
Build 263 this bug exists.

I only get this in this specific project (larg solution). I am not able to
reproduce this behaviour with a small project that can be send to you guys.


Gabriel Lozano-Morán


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