Resharper 2.0 add-in does not start automatically in Visual Studio 2003

I have Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 installed, and am using Resharper only on 2003.

The Resharper add-in does not start, even though it is marked as 'Available' and 'Startup' in the Add-In Manager.

This happens only when I start VStudio by clicking on a shortcut to a solution file. The shortcut's 'Working Directory' is the same directory as where the solution file is. It doesnt seem to matter what I change the Working Directory to.

I have to open the Add-In Manager, unclick Resharper's two boxes, click 'OK', then open the Add-In Manager again, check the boxes and click OK. This loads Resharper.

Any idea about why it does that ?



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