Unit Test Runner issues

I'm using ReSharper 2.0.2.

1. It (sometimes) freezes the VS.Net when you debug the testing code, after stopped at the breakpoint and start it again.
- I recently found that when you try to kill the VS.Net process it asks you if you want to stop debugger. When you click "yes," it will not actually stops the debugger and when you click the "stop debugging" button it freezes again. You need to stop the test explicitly to let the test runner releases the debugger process.

2. When you develop the multiple library project and one project references the other, changes made in other project is not reflected in the project under test.
- I found that the changing the version number manually solves this problem. I don't know if this is because that I'm using one assemblyInfo.cs page shared across the project but it should work fine without changing the version number since everytime you test Unit Test Runner compiles the changes. Maybe it is because the Unit Test Runner caches the dll and decaches when you change the version number?

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