Unit Test Runner Slow

I am experiencing lag when launching Nunit tests from the unit test runner. Upon executing a unit test, it will take a quite a bit of time before the unit test runs. (Sometimes more than 1 minute) Other times the unit test will never run and fails sielently. Also, Visual Studio also starts to consume 99% of the CPU. Possibly a unit test running with no user interface?

Here is how I reproduce the problem.

1. Open up my solution. (about 100 classes, in one project)
2. Open my unit test class
3. Click on the little bubble next to the unit test I wish to run.
4. Select Run or Debug

I can temporally work around the issue by following these steps

1. Restart visaul studio
2. Select "Run all tests from solution" (due to the nature of my app, a directx app, i can't really do that)

I am running the follow dev environment;

Visual Studio 2005
R# build 2.5.326.1
Windows XP

Thanks for any help,

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