Debug output on unit test runner horribly slow

I have a unit tests which uses a library that is configured to output
debug messages on the console. I have a temporary test that writes quite
a lot of output - we're talking about 20'000 lines.

If I run the test in TestDriven, the whole test (which imports data of
5000 records) takes about 2 minutes. In the unit test runner, it's been
running for 20 minutes now, using a full CPU core and I can't even shut
it down - I'll have to kill my devenv-process and restart VS again. The
debug window is still being updated (so the test runner does not hang),
with an interval of about 1 line per second.


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That's a unit test?

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John Long wrote:

That's a unit test?

The unit tests operates on much less data. However, it was convenient to
do a load test by just replacing the test file for a test drive.

The debug output does not result from the unit test itself, but an
external library which was configured to write status information to the


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