In latest resharper update 2 major bugs where introduced:
1) when I choose Rename refactoring for method parameter resharper shows
usages of this parameter in comments an string literals with checkboxes -
no matter what I select Resharper renames all references (even if all checkboxes
where unchecked)

2) Resharper "Implement interface methods" refactoring is broken - suppose
we have MainForm.cs, MainForm.Designer.cs. MainForm.Designer.cs is readonly
(set by version control system). If you add new interface (in MainForm.cs)
and try to use "Implement interface" resharper cannot do this because it
is trying to acquire write permission on MainForm.Designer.cs, but it must
not change this file at all.

Resharper 2.5.2, build 376

WBR, Igor

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