Comma sign in function parameters makes VS crush

Hello to everyone,
I have very strange and frustrating situation with ReSharper. I use Visual Studio 2005 and ReSharper 2.5, coding in C#. Almost every time as I write a new function definition that has at least two parameters, after typing the comma sign after the first of them the VS freezes and in several seconds crushes with general error message. It happens only when ReSharper is turned on so I suppose it has nothing to do with VS itself.
Has anyone seen the same behavior? I've found a workaround - if you type your second parameter type without comma sign before it and put the comma after, everything works fine - but too often I forget to do that and have to restart VS over and over again.
Any help would be highly appreciated!

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We appreciate your feedback.

The corresponding JIRA request has been created, and you are welcome to monitor
its status at

Best regards,
- Development Team.

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This has happened to me also (just not as often) while writing parameters of static methods. +1 for this fix.


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