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Can anyone from the commercial / sales dept. please get in touch with me regarding the volume pricing of the ReSharper product please?

I have sent two separate requests for pricing information and heard nothing back from you.

After I actually managed to convince the powers that be that we really do need this product they are now asking me questions over why it's taking so long to get a price out of you!

Many thanks


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Natalie Jaremyc
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Hello Steve,

Thank you for your inquiry,

Our records show that we emailed information regarding the volume pricing and a formal quotation to you last week. If you have never received them, please can you make sure that our messages has not been blocked by your spam filter. Alternatively, please provide another email address at sales at jetbrains.com so that we can resend the information to you.

Best regards,
Natalie Yaremych
JetBrains- Sales


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