New version of RGreatEx aka DT.ReSharperPlugin is released

RGreatEx - ReSharper Great Extension.

RGreatEx makes extremely easy for anyone to quickly implement localization
into new or existing .NET applications.

Context Actions
Move string to resource
Use resource instead of string
Use System.String.Empty instead of ""
Use System.Environment.NewLine instead of "\r\n"
Convert @"" to ""
Convert "" to @""
Surround with ""

String could be moved to resource
Use resource instead of string literal

Refactoring Methods
Move string(s) to resource
Move Strings from File(s)
Move Strings from Folder(s)
Move Strings from Project

Localization options
Options for All Languages
Options for C#
Options for Visual Basic .NET

Supported Languages
Visual Basic .NET

Alexander Nesterenko

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