Performance Issues While Editing Comments

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what I can change in my setup
to avoid a nasty problem I have when running R# (3.0.456.31). I created
a form and began to edit the non-designer class to include my 'stuff'.
I added two event handling methods and created a quick annotated comment
and then began to edit the text between the ]]> tags. I noticed
that if I type really slowly its fine, but the instant I begin to type
at any normal speed, one of the CPUs (dual core) spikes and I get an
average typing speed of maybe 1 letter every 2-3 seconds.

I can only guess that its analyzing the file to look for errors that it
can highlight, but this is the first time that I had noticed it get this
bad while editing comments. I really like the analysis feature, but
obviously there's a limit when usability interferes with my ability to
get productive work done.

-- Aaron

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