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I have been using R# to create my properties (alt+ins) and that works great. The next few projects are using CSLA as a framework and their properties are not a simple get/set like normal properties, they each call methods. Is there a way to modify the template to auto-generate the properties with the extra stuff I need?

Example of a normal property:
public string foo
get{ return _foo;}
set{ _foo = value;}

Example of CSLA property
public stirng foo
return _foo;
_foo = value;

I dont want to have to write those redundant lines of code for each property. Is there any hope for R# to do this for me? I am willing to template something out, I just don't know where to begin.

Thanks for the insight!

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I have found PropMan to be a helpful Visual Studio extension.  Hoping Visual Studio or Resharper add this feature soon.


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