VB and that empty feeling, worried about purchasing

I am again considering buying ReSharper for personal use, but I will be using it at work as well as at home since I can not get the office to pick it up for me. We already have a few copies of coderush/refactor!, and they aren't working out so well (both speed and features.)

Can anyone sum up exactly what is missing from the VB support?

VB will be 70-80% of my straight job, with the last 20-30 being C#, and nothing is worse than leaving one env to find the feature you started relying on is gone. The home stuff is all C#, so I'm not worried about that part, but most of my time will still be spent in VB.

I would like the Code Analysis to be present for VB, but it seems not to be, and I am sure there are some other left-outs. Last time I installed the trial I recall being bummed about how much was missing from the VB side, and I would like to know what I am in for.

// Andrew

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