3 Quick Questions - Lincensing, $, and UnitRun

1) Is the license still the Idea license (multi-machine-install, single at-a-time usage?) I need to use what I buy at home & work (and probably the personal lappie, when it comes along)

2) I wish I could use IDEA, since I loved it when I was doing Java, and it's only $50 more than just the VS add-on. Will the cost of Resharper ever come down? $125 is easier to justify, though it is still worth it (IMO) at $200.

3) Invalid! Sorry :) +Any chance we can get copies of UnitRun? Integrated in Resharper would be best. It was a great tool, but it is gone now, and we mourn it. Testdriven.net is insane, since we could by a car for that much dosh. +

// Andrew

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#3: Gosh, it looks like it's right in there. Sorry for missing that!

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One last question. What extra goodies are included with the "corporate" version?


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