ReSharper 3 Sluggishness

Here's an interesting scenario I ran across today. While refactoring an old
code base, I came across a 400-line method that is in rather dire straits
since it is much too large and contains references to a lot of other
classes. Since the method is this large, I decided it would probably be best
to first extract the method to a static class, fix the one call to the
method in the original class, fix the calls within the method, and then
refactor the method while it is in its own class.

This is where things get very interesting. I created a new class, cut the
method from the original class, pasted the method into the new class, and
ReSharper ground to a near halt. Pasting the method into its own class
caused a lot of errors since the method contains so many references to
mostly external assemblies and this seems to cause ReSharper to go
ballistic. CPU usage skyrocketed and stayed extremely high as ReSharper
seemed intent on finding missing references somewhere.

After about 20 minutes of very sluggish response from Visual Studio, I
disabled ReSharper and Visual Studio is suddenly very snappy. After I
corrected the errors in the moved method by copying and pasting the usings
section from the original class, I enabled ReSharper and it's working fine.

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