Unit Test Runner: probing path


when I am running unit tests using the NUnit runner, I have an executable (the NUnit unit test runner) which I can place wherever I want. For this executable I can provide an app.config file which specifies a probing path. This path is required to find all the DLLs that I need for the test.

With the R# unit test runner I do not have this executable any more. Now, consider the following directory structure:


In /bin here is the NUNit unit test runner. In bin/dll there are some framework dlls that my test needs. In bin/myDll there is for example the dll containing my unit test. Now, when I start this unit test from R# unit test runner, it obviously does not find my DLLs unter bin/dll. Also providing a bin/dll/My.dll.config with a probing path does not help because this probing path can only access subdirectories...

Assuming that I cannot change this directory structure for some obscure "big-organization-configuration-management-reason", how can I tell R# to start the test from the /bin directory and use a probing path of ".\dll;.\MyDll" ?


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