[Feature request] TSVN-bugtraq-like extension to TODO explorer

Hi there

I use the TODO explorer; I have a regex set up for "BUG".

TortoiseSVN has bug-tracker integration; if you set up a regex to parse the
commit-log messages, it will allow you to click on issue-tracker IDs and
launch a browser with the URL to that issue.

Can the TODO explorer get a similar feature, please?

I'd like to be able to specify (somewhere in the R# configuration, preferably
in such a way it's pulled from a central place so it can be automatically
set up for the whole team from a single place) a similar thing; turn FB-xxx
(where xxx is the numeric ID of the issue) into a clickable link that will
open up a web-browser with the URL to the issue in it.

I guess it doesn't really have much to do with TODO, but I suppose it'll
use similar mechanisms.


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