Syntax coloring not working

I just installed Resharper 4.0 on VS 2005 C#. While I see some syntax highlighting such as TODO (bold blue) lines and graying unused items, everything else is colored just as it was without Resharper. For example I don't see fields or method calls colored as they should be according to VS Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors -> Resharper Method Identifier, Resharper Field Identifier,etc.

Any idea what could be wrong?



Since you just installed, have you confirmed that (I believe this is the text but don't have the IDE in front of me so I can't be 100% certani) that "Color identifiers" is checked in the R# options? I have noticed that it becomes unchecked at times, and though I can't say for certain when or why I can say that I've only noticed it happen around un-installations/re-installatons/upgrades.


Thanks, that solved it! It's at Resharper options -> code inspection -> settings -> enable code analysis -> color identifiers. It defaults off on installation.


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