Visual Studio 2008 TFS SP1 crashes durring startup

I am using resharper 4.1 and am having trouble opening up a few solutions that have the following commonalities: 1 Website and multiple library projects which the website depends on the libraries and tehy are set to auto update on build. What happens is, upon opening the solution, VS crashes. I thought is was resharper 4.1 (since I have opened this solution fine with 4.0) so I removed it and re-installed 4.0. Same issue. So I disabled resharper and VOILA! it opened fine. But since I have come to depend on resharper (it is kinda like a drug) I need it to work. So i decided to remove VS 2008 SP1 from my system and run the RTM version. After doing so, I enabled resharper again and it all worked fine. The problem seems to be with the configuration of VS 2008 TFS SP1 and Reharper 4.x. I thought it may also have been a bad solution file so I started a new solution file, added all the projects back and the same issue occured.

What is strange is that I can remove the .dlls that are added to the website bin folder on build and VS will open, but once I build the solution and the dll are put back into the website, I am no longer able to open VS.

Please help!

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