Performance problem in VMWare

Dear sirs,

We use R# 4. We have 2 development environments in VMWare 6.3 : Client (XP pro) and Server (2003R2). This setting works very well for us.

Recently we had the need to put all projects in one VM Machine. Specs VM : 2CPU, 2 GB RAM, WIN XP Pro. Speed of VM itself is good. There are 99 projects in the overall solution. Building and editing are extremely slow : building take 5+ minutes and editing has delay of 10+ seconds. Taskmanager shows that CPU usage is rather high (+/- 80%) with lots of spikes and memory usage is around 900MB. Playing with memory of the VM did not make any difference.

Here comes the catch : if I remove R# from the VM, building time is 45 seconds and no delay editing sourcefiles. Editing outside the VM (with or without R#), on the same machine does also not reveal the same slow behavior.

In the Client VM we use normally, the client solution has only 28 projects. As stated before this is working extremely well.

Does anybody have similar experiences and/or solutions. I am open for suggestions.

Kind regards,


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