R# Parsing sources

Hi there,

I am not sure if anyone has already posted this question but here it goes (I tried to do a quick search and didn't find any post related to this particularly problem)

At the moment I am using R# v4.5 build 1184 EAP (I like living on the edge ).

The problem I am describing happened with every one of the v4.5 builds I have tried (if I remember correctly I tried 1184, 1176,1174,1164 and 1153).

I have a solution that has several projects (Most of them in C# and 2 or 3 in C++).
My directory structure in my HD is more or less a normal structure for a solution directory (1 directory for each project in the solution, one directory for the bin folder). But I also have some other directories there (with different types of files, from texture files to huge XML files (some of them with more than 100MB - it is an intermediate state for some 3D meshes that I'm using, not really important - that describe some 3D scenes). This directory is not referenced in the solution. I use the solution wide analysis feature. When the feature is parsing the source files, somehow it seems that tries to parse those huge XML files from the directories that are inside the solution directory structure but aren't referenced in the solution inside Visual Studio.When this happens, most of the time, the R# error report window appears and R# shows me errors in the code where they do not exist (that's normal since R# could not parse all the files probably, but I have strange errors like fields not being recognized inside the same class, parameters not recognized inside the method... simple things that never created problems).

Is this a normal behavior? Does anyone has the same problem? Why does R# tries to parse files that aren't referenced in the solution? Should I simply create a different structure for my files?

Thank you.

Luís Boucinha

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