Find Usages didn't

I've just experienced a problem with "Find Usages" and "Find Usages Advanced" in that it did not find a fairly obvious usage of a class within the solution. I quit VS2008 and deleted the _Resharper folders and then reopend the solution, then tried again, and it found several usages.

The class was public sealed in one project, and it was being referenced by a unit test in another project (that had a project reference within the same solution). THe solution is pretty large in that there are about 51 C# projects within it.

I'd love to figure out how I could repro this so I could give you more information.

I'm using R# 3.1.584.3 on VS2008, Windows Server 2003 R2 (x64).


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I have the same Problem. But for me was the delete from the '_reharper...' folder a good resolution....
I use R# 4.1.933.3 and VS 9.0.30729.1 SP, and Windows Ultima 64bit - this means the problem is now a long time inside.

thanks for the good program for a affordable Prize.

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This is a known bug, but a fix should be available in the next nightly build

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When will this fix be in an official release? This has been hampering me for quiite some time!


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