Resharper slows down in solutions that are not under source control

I have some throwaway solutions that I use for minor testing or some one-off utilities that I use, and these exist outside of source control.  Every single one of these solutions is just painfully slow with Resharper enabled.  With 4.1, they were very, very bad, 4.5 is pretty bad but much better. This happens on new solutions I create, old ones I use - doesn't matter, all of them are just dog slow.  As I'm typing I see slow downs, hitting backspace takes about a second (with the hourglass cursor flashing), typing a '{' will result in a second or so pause, as well ';'.  If Resharper is disabled, everything works fine.  Any solution I have that is under source control is fine with Resharper enabled, including some new ones I created with some small utilities that our team uses.  I also tried taking one of these one-off solutions, and just adding it to source control - not actually checking in, but setting up bindings - and it works as expected, there is no slow down.  The problem is only happening on solutions that are not source control bound.  This isn't making any sense.

Anyone else see something like this?  Any ideas what's going on?

I'm running:
XP Pro SP2
Visual Studio 2008 SP1
Resharper 4.5 (solution wide analysis is turned off)

TFS 2005 is the source control server.

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