Disable XAML Parsing

Is there a way to always disable XAML parsing for *all* XAML files in a solution? I absolutely love ReSharper, and it does a great job with XAML, however we have some solutions with *HUGE* XAML files and it's incredibly slow to edit them. I understand this is my problem for having such large XAML files and I know I can hit CTRL+8 to disable parsing for an individual file, however I forget to hit it all the time and visual studio completely locks up for 5 min any time I make a simple edit in the file. When I disable ReSharper completely I have no issues, but then I miss all its great features in C# or I have to enable/disable it everytime I open up a solution that doesn't have slowdowns with XAML. I'm not using any other add-ins, so I'm sure it's a ReSharper problem.

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