Partial classes support - File member and file structure do not show all members

Resharper 4.5 #1279

I was wondering that r# does not have this feature complete or it is
only an bug. I have class "Person" separated to 3 files with keyword
"partial class". When i hit CTRLF12(File member...) or CTRLF11(file
structure) then it does not show members from other(s) partial classes.
I know that these features have in name "file" members/structure and
thus show members only for current opened file. But in partial classes
files, it should be there one checkbox to "include partial classes
files" especially for "File members..." feature. Maybe not for file


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I would like this as well.  The file structure dialog would need an additional level to display multiple files, and the file members would need to indicate if the member was from another file somehow.

Pathological file structures would require care in handling:
File A contains partial classes X1 and X2
File B contains partial classes X1 and X3
File C contains partial classes X2 and X4
File D contains partial classes X3 and X4

This should result in the file structure and file member dialogs including all of file A, X1 from B, and X2 from C.  None of X3 or X4 from any file should appear.
Also, the author of such a structure should be fired.

Also I ran into this bug yesterday: when performing extract method in a partial class, the extracted method sometimes ends up in an unexpected file.  I would suggest that if I am extracting a method in file A, the extracted method should be put into A, never B.


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