Top ten recommendations to increase the speed and performance of Resharper 4.5.1

Fellow users,

I'm sorry but, I don't have the answer to this topic, but I am desperatly seeking it.

On my 10GB(Ram) HP quad core Xeon workstation, Resharper 4.5.1 is almost so slow as to be unusable from my perspective.

There are a great many options that may increase the performance of Resharper, although many come at the expense of

What I am strongly encouraging Jetbrains to do is to write a document: "Top Ten Things To Try To Accelerate Resharper",
for those of us with performance issues.  The document should explain the tradeoffs of each recommendation.

This is not a knock on Resharper, or JetBrains, R# is an incredible product without (I.M.O.) any real competition,
but what I need is a short, clear, consise document helping me accelerate the performance of the product.

I search the FAQ for 'speed', 'performance', and 'faster[, but didn't find any such recommendations.

Thank you very much.

I would strongly encourage knowledgable users to submit their recommendations for speeding up
the user interface here too, as maybe that will have to be the basis for a Top Ten FAQ on
accelerating Resharper.

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Hello Scott,
I don't have "10" recommendations. All I can say is, with your machine, R# should absolutely fly. I have a mere 4 GB dual core machine and I load HUGE VS projects with R# installed. I also use recourse intensive things such as " errors in solution"

I do have 3 recommendations:

  • Do not use R# 4.5.1, it has some big performance problems which will hopefully be fixed soon by Jetbrains.  Use R# 4.5.0 instead, which performs MUCH better
  • Switch off R# unit testing. For some reasons, this seems to impact editor performance
  • About every 3-4 hours, either restart Visual Studio or go to the Add-In Manager, turn off R#, go again to the Add-In Manager, turn on R# (it will reload all assemblies) => R# slows down gradually during a long editing session and will be much quicker after this operation.

Best regards,

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Thank you for your feedback.

I am rather surprised and disappointed at the lack of feedback from JetBrains, for an otherwise excellent product,
this seems to be the only criticism I hear on the Internet.

Most of us, I believe would be happy to live with the state of things if we had a clear document outlining what to do
try to improve responsiveness.  Without this, many (of us) will give up searching for the optimal configuration and
give up on R#, with such a document, I believe most of us (with performance issues), will agree R# can get bogged down,
but with the proper configuration (even limited), I would say, I cannot live (well, code) without it.

Please, JetBrains, write such a document, "The top ten things to do to keep R# running at top speed".


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After having to deal with the slowness in any operations in my .aspx, .ascx, etc. (such as copying, pasting, typing, even saving a file... anything!) I would agree that 4.5.1 has some major performance issues in web files.  Today it is driving me absolutely nuts.


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