Action lists disapearing

I've been using R# for over a year on this machine and it has always ran well untill recently.

Now, when I go to an issue and click the lightblub icon, or hit Alt + Enter, the action list pops open for a split second and then closes.  My symptoms match what this guy had:

I'm also seeing this issue when I go to the Resharper menu and hit "About Resharper"

I've done a repair on VS, and reinstalled R#, even D/Ling the most recent build.  No help.

Is there a fix for this?

In the meantime, is there any way to access the refactorings in this list (remember, Alt + Enter is doing the same thing) besides through the Action Lists?  I really need access to the Change Namespace to match file location functionality due to some refactoring I'm doing right now.

FWIW, C#, VS2008, XP, latest build of R# 4.5

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