Resharper menu missing

When I start VS2008 I see the normal indications that ReSharper is loading and parsing assemblies. The gutter shows symbols for code analysis and light bulbs show up on selected lines. However, I no longer have a ReSharper menu in the menu bar and the context menu no longer shows any of the ReSharper items. My shortcuts all seem to be non-functioning as well.  I tried booting from the command line with /ResetSettings, and I even tried reinstalling 4.5.1274.1 but no joy.

Any idea how to get the menu, context menu, and keyboard shortcuts back?


The key to solving this was to run Visual Studio from the command line with the /ResetSkipPkgs flag. This caused lots of errors but I didn't accept any of the dialog prompts that offered to disable R# for me.  The errors also gave me the clues I needed to identify a mis-behaving plug-in that was disabled but not completely uninstalled. I then uninstalled that plug-in and restarted Visual Studio and R# was back to normal.  


Dear Tod,

I had the same problem and your thread gave me the hint needed, so thank you a lot!
I had to use the option /ResetSettings though to resolve the problem here. /ResetSkipPkgs did not help.



I just re-installed Resharper 2017 and now I do not see the ReSharper menu.  I tried the command line options suggested above and that did not work.  I tried un-installing and re-installing, rebooting, and everything else I could possibly think of.  The installer indicates that it is installed, but its not showing up.



Hello Paul!


Please try suggestions described in the following help article -

Please let us know if it helps.

Thank you.


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