ReSharper IntelliSense proposes last members first

Hi everybody,

I'm having some trouble using ReSharper with c# as most of the time when IntelliSense hints are shown, the wrong item is initially highlighted.
Here is an example of what is happening. The code has a member _history which is of the type List<AssignmentHistory>, AssignmentHistory is a custom class which is not actually relevant here.

When I enter, I'd expect IntelliSense to propose the shortest (or first) matching item, Add, first. Instead, AddRange is highlighted and explained in the tooltip, and also used for the completion as soon as I use an opening bracket.
Here the same for the standard string class, where CompareOrdinal is already highlighted even though Compare is also present in the list and would fit better in my opinion:
It seems that IntelliSense, unlike Visual Studio .NET (!), seems to seek the list of applicable items from the last up to the first item instead of the other way round, which causes a lot of unexpected behaviour for me.
Anybody have a clue on how to fix this? I could not find any option that would help me.

Thank you very much!

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